Btc chicken farm

btc chicken farm

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Blockchain Chicken Farm by Xiaowei Wang is a fascinating exploration of the intersection of technology and agriculture in China. Turning Eggs Into Bitcoin We have two types of chickens in our farm at the moment, Raven and Coton. Each day we sell the eggs for gold and. Accompanied by humorous �Sinofuturist� recipes that frame meals as they transform under new technology, Blockchain Chicken Farm is an original and probing look.
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With that goldcoins, you can buy another 1 Raven chick. Oasis App. Collect Your Rewards You have crypto rewards waiting to be collected. DApps can be applied in various online industries, including advertising, gaming, social media, banking, real estate, Internet of Things, elections and voting , and so much more. This means that no individual, no matter how powerful, cannot control the dApp after its smart contract was launched into the blockchain.