How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card – Instant And Safely

Buying Bitcoins with Credit Card or Paypal is a bit tricky since most exchanges won’t accept because of fraudulent charge-backs, where someone pays for Bitcoins with Paypal, Credit Card then receives Bitcoins and fraudulently complains to Paypal or their credit card company that they never received the goods.

In this article we’ll show you a little long but the most safest method to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Paypal. We’ll use Virwox exchange, they support a wide range of options including  Paypal, Credit Card, UKASH, Paysafe Card, Money Bookers, Sofort banking or Neteller etc.

First of all, have a little walk-through about how this work

  1. Go to Virwox and register your account
  2. Add funds to your account via paypal / credit card / paysafecard
  3. Buy linden$ (SLL)
  4. Buy bitcoins with your linden$
  5. Finally send your bitcoins to your wallet.

Instructions To Buy Bitcoins With Credit Card :

Step 1.  Go to Virwox exchange and click on “Not registered yet” link. Now fill out your account information. Once you finish the process you’ll be sent your password on registered e-mail. Login with e-mailed password and Ignore message saying Your avatar connection has not been validated yet, you don’t need to verify your avatar.

Step 2. Add some funds (USD / EUR) to your Virwox account, you can add funds in various ways, including Paypal, Credit Card, UKASH, Paysafe Card, Money Bookers, Sofort banking or Neteller.

buy bitcoin with credit card

Step 3. Now buy SLL (Linden $) with the funds you recently added. Those who don’t know, Linden $ (SLL) is currency of The virtual world, Second Life.

Why Linden Dollar ? Because direct trading from $ / € to Bitcoin is not possible. That’s why you have to take alternative route via Second – Life Linden$

Instructions To Buy Bitcoins With PayPal, Credit Card :

Important links to Exchange USD/SLL for USD and Exchange EUR/SLL for EUR).

Step 4. Now go to BTC/SLL exchange and buy bitcoins of your desired amount.


Step 5. Congratulations, now you own bitcoins in your Virwox wallet, you can transfer these bitcoins to your personal wallet. Simply go to Withdraw section, first option is bitcoin withdrawal. Now add bitcoin payee address and hit the withdrawal button.


Step 6. That’s it. If you still have any doubt then check the video right after the break.